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Tower 200 Straight Bar

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Gain Muscle Symmetry with Every Power-Packed Move! The Tower 200 Straight Bar gives you a natural assist so you can match resistance on both sides of your body.


Product Information

Work your entire upper body with vein-popping resistance and achieve muscle symmetry with each power-packed movement. The Straight Bar will help you achieve insane results, fast. Try it today!

Tower 200

If you've got a door, you've got a gym!  Get bigger, harder and stronger with the all-new, powerful Tower 200 from Body by Jake. You gotta door? You gotta gym!

The Tower 200 gives you get up to 90 kilograms of explosive resistance delivered through multi-tension powercords, and over 200 killer exercises that push your muscles to the max. No dumbbells, no machines, no memberships.

You want bicep curls, chest fly, triceps extension, lat pull down, shoulder press, crunches or squats? No problem!

But if you're ready to get crazy, check out the mother of all workouts in our 11-minute body-shredding routine that features Randy Couture's M.M.A.-inspired moves like 'The Warrior', 'The Demon', 'The Freak'.

In just 11 minutes a day you'll get bigger, harder and stronger, guaranteed. In seconds the Tower 200 fits on any door in the house or office or dorm. Plus, it's padded so there's no messing up your door.

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