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Bin Clips for Wheelie Bins Pack of 4

Price: $7.00



Keep your bin liner in place and your Wheelie Bin clean with the large size Bin Clips.


Product Information

The large Bin Clips will keep your garbage bag or wheelie bin liner in place.  No more, bin liners falling in.

Simply place a wheelie bin liner into the wheelie bin allowing it to flow over the sides so the clips can grab the liner. The bin clips should only be placed on the left and right side of the wheelie bin and for best results, use all 4 clips.

Only pull the clips apart enough to fit over the sides of the bin.  To remove the clips, gently pull the outside arm up and out.

Remove the clips on rubbish collection day.

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

Pack of 4 large clips - suitable for all size 'Wheelie Bins'.